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Investment Casting, Sand Shell and Permanent Molding

Our foundry process at Wichita Falls Manufacturing, Inc. includes investment casting, sand shell and permanent molding. We have the capacity to pour 319 and 356 aluminium, 3 and 4 series, as well as 17-4 stainless steels, brass, bronze, and carbon/alloy steels.

Wichita Falls Manufacturing, Inc

A Full Service Machining Facility

We have the capability to mold a line of aluminium, down-hole float components, including noses, insert flapper plates, closing noses, and opening/closing seats. Our shop is a full-service machining facility. We can build custom molds for both rubber and metal parts. We also finish machine castings and provide components for molded custom rubber parts.

Work with Customer Provided CAD Files

We can work with customer provided CAD files, and when necessary, convert files to 3D printed parts. Our machine shop has three CNC turning centers, three milling centers and a total of five manual mills and lathes. To receive more information about the services we offer at our foundry and machine shop, get in touch with us. We looking forward to meeting your requirement.

Wichita Falls Manufacturing, Inc
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