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A Complete Line of Cementing Plugs

Here at Wichita Falls Manufacturing, Inc., we manufacture a complete line of down-hole oilfield wiper plugs. Sizes range from 2-3/8” tubing plugs to 16” casing plugs. We offer standard rubber covered plugs with aluminium cores and premium, PDC drillable, plugs molded from urethane.

For our standard rubber plugs, we offer SBR and Nitrile. For higher temperature applications, we offer HNBR and Fluorocarbon (FKM). When you want higher wear resistance, we offer High Carbon-black Nitrile (HCN). All these materials are available for both top and bottom wiper plugs.

Wichita Falls Manufacturing, Inc

Urethane Core Plugs and SBR Cover Plugs

Our urethane cover/urethane core plugs and SBR cover plugs are rated to 250° F. Nitrile cover plugs are rated to 280° F. We offer HNBR cover plugs that are rated to 320° F. Higher temperatures can be achieved with FKM cover plugs. All of our standard bottom plugs have rupture diaphragms, rated at 125/300 psi. We can also provide bottom plugs with interchangeable rupture disks with higher ratings. We now also offer a selection of different materials for the plug’s core. Besides the ISP (Instant Set Polymer) urethane and 319F cast aluminium core, we can provide cores (sizes up to 10-3/4”) molded from BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) and Phenolic.

Specialty Plugs

We also offer flex type wiper plugs, in both standard and small orifice configurations. Another speciality is tapered string wiper plugs and piggyback/stacked plugs. We have latch noses and receptacles to fit most of our top wiper plugs. We also provide bottom latch plugs (Wet Shoe) with available ruptures of 750, 1500, 2000 and 3000 psi. If you have any special requirements for plugs, please let us know. We will be glad to offer you a quote.

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