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Cementing Plugs

We manufacture a complete line of downhole oilfield wiper plugs. Sizes range from 2-3/8” tubing plugs to 16” casing plugs. We offer standard rubber covered plugs with aluminum cores and premium, PDC drillable, plugs molded from urethane.

Our standard elastomer for our rubber plugs is SBR. We also offer Nitrile, HNBR and Fluorocarbon (FKM) for higher temperature applications and XNBR (Carboxylic-acrylonitrile-butadiene) for higher wear resistance. These materials are available in both our top and bottom plugs.


Casing Weight


4-1/2” 9.5 - 15.1 R/A, U/U and U/A (btm)
5” 11.5 - 18 R/A and R/U
5-1/2” 13 - 23 R/A, R/U and U/U
6-5/8” 20 - 32 R/A and R/U
7” 26 - 38 R/A, R/U and U/U
7-5/8” 26 - 47 R/A and R/U
8-5/8” 28 - 49 R/A and R/U
9-5/8” 32 - 53 R/A, R/U and U/U
10-3/4” 40 - 55 R/A and R/U
11-3/4” 45 - 65 U/U and U/A
13-3/8” 60 - 72 U/U
16” 65 - 84 U/U
Our Urethane cover/Urethane core plugs are rated to 250° F while our SBR cover/Aluminum core plugs are rated to 275° F and our Nitrile cover/Aluminum core plugs are rated to 325° F. All of our bottom plugs have rupture diaphragms rated at 125/300 psi.

Listed to the right are the plug casing size, casing weight and material from which the plugs are manufactured. R/A is rubber cover and aluminum core. U/U is urethane cover and urethane core. R/U is rubber cover and urethane core.

Tubing plugs are available in 2-3/8” (top only), 2-7/8” and 3-1/2” (top and bottom) solid rubber and rubber/aluminum core.

We also offer “specialty” plugs such as tapered string plugs and piggy-back or stacked plugs. We stock most tapered string “base plugs”. This allows us to quote and supply these types of plugs in as few as one to three days. We are always glad to quote any special requirements for plugs that you might have.

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